dive sites, dive trips & prices

We dive everyday! Morning and afternoon. In the morning we offer a 2 tank dive and in the afternoon a single tank dive.

Our dive sites cover all interests! From big walls and drop off, to wrecks like the Don Pedro (10 minutes away) or La Mariana in Formentera (20 minutes away).

All the dive sites are really close to the dive centre, less time on the boat, more time under water!

We make sure that we take small groups and that the level within the group is similar for everyone to have an amazing time!

Please remember that in Spain a medical check in the last 12 months is mandatory for all diving activities.
Read carefully the Medical Statement and if any of the answers is YES remember to go and see your GP to make sure that you are clear for diving and obtain a medical certificate.

dive prices

without equipment with equipment
single tank dive: 39 euros single tank: 54 euros
double tank dive: 65 euros double tank dive: 85 euros
5 pack dives: 157 euros 5 pack dives: 205 euros
8 pack dives: 236 euros 8 pack dives: 320 euros
10 pack dives: 280 euros 10 pack dives: 399 euros